Ninja 1100 BlenderThe days are gone when blenders were used only for mixing drinks and liquids. Nowadays, blenders can
also process several foodstuffs to add in meals. A blender that’s popular among customers is the Ninja 1100 blender. This appliance comes with amazing features; also it can perform a variety of functions that makes it an ideal add-on to your kitchen. It’s also fairly priced when compared to other blender models of equivalent grade on the market. It comes loaded with advanced technologies that makes it one of the fastest blenders. Listed below are some of the main features of Ninja 1100 blender.

Powerful Motor

One of the major features of Ninja 1100 blender is its extremely effective motor. It operates at 1100 watts. This level of power can simply blend different foods, drinks and also dough like cookie or pizza dough. Also, the blender can be controlled easily with only three speeds to select from along with a pulse option.

When you buy Ninja 1100, you will get two working containers: a 72 ounce bowl and a 40 ounce bowl. The bowls of the blender are free of BPA (a harmful chemical present in all plastics) which makes it an ideal kitchen appliance.

Quad-Blade Technology

Another big plus with the Ninja 1100 blender is it’s blades. This appliance is built with a Quad-Blade Technology. Apart from the motor, the cutting blades are also extremely important when selecting a blender as these components do all types of function like mixing, blending and grinding. An important feature about having a Quad-Blade Tech is that the food-items that’s being prepared in the blender will have a even texture.

What is actually amazing with the cutting blades of this blender is it’s capacity to crush ice cubes. This function is a big advantage since users can make all sorts of shakes, cocktails and drinks for house-parties as well as other functions with ease. The blades are sufficiently strong to break and smash ice cubes into smaller pieces.

Dishwasher Safe

The containers are dishwasher-safe and can also be washed easily. Assembling the blender is also very easy and the guide book that is included with the unit will show you on how to operate the product correctly. The design of the blender is very stylish and elegant. The main color of the blender is black; however it also has a few silver shades all through the unit. The blending jars are transparent so that they are much easier to look at the progress of mixing or blending process. The control-panel can be easily wiped off and it runs on the smart-speed technology.

Salsas and sauces could be filtered in this blender with no problem. Coffee lattes and soups can be prepared at anytime. Your family will definitely enjoy the different quality recipes that could be prepared using this Ninja 1100 blender. It can sit perfectly in the corner of your kitchen counter without occupying much space. If you are looking for an efficient blender at reasonable price, then Ninja 1100 is a right choice for you.