Are you a big fan of making waffles at home? Then this appliance from Black and Decker is a must have for you. The Black & Decker G48TD 3-in 1 Waffle Maker & Indoor Grill/Griddle is the most trusted product when it comes to grilling and making waffles. Its compact and sleek design makes it possible to use this appliance as a griddle. Both sides of this appliance are provided with the non-stick cooking surface to provide you a hassle free experience of making your favorite square-shaped waffles easily at home. Owing to the square shape of this waffle maker, one can make almost anything using this maker starting from pancakes to sumptuous fried eggs to tasty golden hash browns.

Black & Decker G48TD

The design of the waffle maker

Keeping in mind the health consciousness among today’s generation, this appliance has been designed in a very smart way. The design ensures that all the excess amount of grease flows to the corners to the cooking plates from where it can be drained out through a spout provided on the corners. Thus, the waffles made using this appliance are absolutely oil free. At a time, four yummy square-shaped waffles can be prepared. The non-stick surface can be cleaned easily; however, they can also simply be wiped if required for immediate use.  This waffle maker is very versatile in nature as it enables you to cook a variety of items at home in the simplest manner due to the flip nature of the maker.

Specifications of the maker

This appliance is provided with two non-stick cooking plates having a length of 8 inches on all four sides. The appliance is sleek enough having an external dimension of 11.25 inches in length and around 11.75 inches. The height of this maker is not much as compared to the other waffle makers available in the market. Including the two cooking plates on both the sides, the height is around 5 inches, which are apt for any waffle maker. This appliance is marked with a power rating of 900 watts and thus is a very sturdy appliance.


  • The waffle maker is provided with the facility of controlling heat. The three variations that are low heat, high heat and medium heat allow you to set the temperature of the maker. This would help you to make crispier and juicy waffles.
  • The comprehensive design and structure of the appliance makes it very easy to store this appliance when not in use. The power cord of the maker can also be wrapped among the hinges to ensure that it occupies a minimum amount of space.


  • The appliance is reported to become very hot making it difficult to handle. However, the plastic handles provided on the outside of the maker enable you to hold the maker.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a waffle maker soon then you must surely have a look at its specifications. Also, you can get this product at a very exciting price of around $35, which is almost half of the launch price.