Freshly made home baked bread has its own taste and texture. While some like baking, it can also become a challenging task for others. However, with the invention of bread machines, this process has also become a pretty simplified task. Technology has always played a part to make lives easier. Hence, in order to enable you to buy the best bread maker, good bread machine reviews play a very important role. Here are some reviews about some of the best bread machines available in the market today.

Top 10 Bread Makers Chart

No Image Name Programmable Display Loaf size Delay Power
1 Zojirushi BB-PAC20 10 programs LCD 2 lb 13-hour delay 700W
2 Zojirushi BB-HAC10 10 programs LCD 1 lb 13-hour delay 450W
3 Hamilton Beach 29882 12 programs LCD 2 lb 13-hour delay 500W
4 Cuisinart Breadmaker CBK-100 12 programs LCD 2 lb 13-hour delay 680W
5 Zojirushi BB-CEC20 10 programs LED 2 lb 13-hour delay 700W
6 T-Fal PF311E 15 programs LCD 2 lb 15-hour delay 700W
7 Oster Express programs LCD 2.0 lb 13-hour delay 560W
8 Sunbeam 5891 12 programs LED 2 lb 13-hour delay 600W
9 West Bend 41410 12 programs LCD 2.5 lb 13-hour delay 600W
10 Cuisinart CBK-200 16 programs LCD 2 lb 12-hour delay 680W

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Zojirushi is developed using the most innovative technology present in today’s time. With Zojirushi bread maker at your home, anyone from children to adults can become a baker at home. Not only can you bake breads but almost anything using this bread machine, starting from cakes to meatloaf and even jams.


The concept of providing a heating element within the bread machine was started using this bread machine. The heating element lets you bake bread which is crunchier and crispier with a nice brown texture. The timer of the machine has the feature to delay the time of the baking. Thus, even if you don’t find time to bake in the morning you can easily put all the ingredients at night and by the next morning, you would find your bread baked.

  • All the accessories required during baking are provided with the machine itself like double ended spoon, measuring cup. Additional heating element is provided on the lid of the system to allow the bread to bake evenly.
  • The blades of the machine are very fragile.

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker

Zojirushi BB HAC10

This bread maker from Zojirushi would take the process of baking to all new levels. Easy to use on all seven days of a week, this small bread machine is a perfect member for families having few members. If you are looking for a machine which is easy to use and at the same versatile, accompanied by the awesome taste of the freshly baked bread, then Zojirushi is the right choice for you.


Zojirushi bread machine is designed in such a way that it can easily fit in your kitchen occupying minimal space. Its sleek and compact design is winning the hearts of several house owners. The quick baking cycle provided in this machine enables the bread to be baked in less than 2 hours.

  • The crust control option in this breadmaker allows you to choose between regular and light crust based on your taste. An easy to understand video along with a manual and recipe book is also provided with this machine making it much simpler for first time users.
  • With this machine you would not be able to control the time taken for the dough to kneed, bake and rise. This feature may prove to be problematic.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882

Hamilton Beach 29882

The latest bread machine from Hamilton is like the heath manager of your life. With this bread maker at home, you do not have to worry about baking gluten-free and low-carbohydrate bread due to itspredefined settings. With this machine being around, you can easily bake the bread in three simple steps. Designed to keep the nutrition level of your family intact, this bread machine is a must but for all modern families.


Its 12 cycle program enables you to bake different kinds of bread based on your taste. Hamilton bread maker allows you to control the nutritional content of the bread with the help of various options like gluten-free, low carbohydrate which can be selected to make your home-made bread taste perfect.This machine is provided with an extra kneading paddle which helps you to continue with your baking even if one of the kneading paddles is in the sink. A reminder is incorporated within this system which beeps indicating to the user that it is time for her to put extra additional topping into the bread like fruits and nuts. The sound of the reminder is loud enough to be heard from a distance.

  • A recipe booklet is included within this package which helps you to bake all kinds of bread starting from gluten-free to French loafs. A detailed user manual is provided with drawings which make this bread machine very easy to use even for a novice.
  • This bread machine is a little heavier as compared to the other machines available.

Cuisinart Breadmaker CBK-100

Cuisinart CBK-100

Yet another breadmaker from the same manufacturer Cuisinart, this one has a whole lot of variation as compared to its previous models. This easy to maintain bread machine requires no extra maintenance from its users and hence is becoming the first choice of many house owners worldwide.


This new model gives the user the option to select the loaf size for appropriate baking. It has three options which vary from half a pound to two pounds. The power backup failure system incorporated within this system makes this machine very easy to handle by even novice bakers.

  • All are parts, like the removable lid, the paddle and the cup, are dishwasher safe. Hence you do not need to clean it separately. In the case of a power failure, you do not have to worry to rest the setting instantly as it can hold on to the current memory for 15 minutes.
  • The after sales service from Cuisinart is not at all expected. There is a lot of delay in fixing parts which require immediate attention.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker

Zojirushi BB-CEC20

This is a revised version of an existing bread machine from Zojirushi. A larger window provided on the front panel of the machine enables you to see the progress of baking clearly. The menu of the machine has been designed keeping in mind the daily menu of any ordinary household with three options.


A new functionality known as the sourdough starter function is incorporated with this machine which starts the preparation of a light sourdough in 2 hours. The auto shut off system is also introduced in this machine to protect this machine from sudden short circuits.

  • The machine is designed in such a way that its dual blades help you to bake uniform rectangular loafs at all times. The pan provided with the machine is non-stick, which makes cleaning of the pan much easier.
  • The blades of the machine tend to shred off the rubber seal of the pan.

T-Fal PF311E Acti Bread Programmable Bread Machine Stainless Steel

T-Fal PF311E Acti Bread

The bread machine from T-fal lets you have food which is tasty as well as nutritious at the same time. The stainless steel finish of the machine like all the appliances makes it very durable and easy to handle. Due to its ease of use, this product is becoming the number one choice of all house owners. Its versatility proves that this machine is worth the penny spent on it.


The average delay time for baking in almost all bread machines is 13 hours. However, this one provides a delay time of 15 hours, letting you bake at your ease. The bread will stay warm up to 1 hour within this machine. Thus, you do not have to switch on the machine for reheating the bread even after one hour.

  • One can bake almost anything using this bread machine. Be it pasta or cake or even jams, you can bake all of these items using a single bread machine. It has a top loading lid with a stainless steel housing which makes this machine very user-friendly for first timers.
  • The after sales service from T-Fal is not being appreciated by many customers who are currently using this product.

Oster 2-Pound Express bake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer

Oster 2-Pound Express bake Bread Machine

Looking for a bread maker to bake dough of around 2 pounds in less than half an hour? Then this bread machine is the best choice for you. Most suitable for large families, this gluten free bread machine would instantly fill your house with the smell of freshly baked bread within minutes.


This machine consists of 12 predefined bread setting along with three choices of crust. With this feature, you can bake your bread with different kind of variations. All you need to do is put in all the ingredients in one single unit and the machines give you a fluffy crispy bread of your choice in less than half an hour.

  • The large LCD display provided with the bread machine indicates to the user at what stage the baking is at. The timer can be adjusted according to your taste and preference as it allows a standby time of 13 hours. This enables you to bake bread anytime anywhere.
  • Removal of the mixing arm present at the bottom leaves a large hole at the bottom of the bread spoiling 5-6 loafs from the bottom.

Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

Sunbeam 5891

Sunbeam bread machine is an inexpensive bread machine available in the market as of now. You can bake anything with just a finger click as this machine is very easy to use.


This 600-watt Sunbeam bread maker gives you the option to bake bread of variable sizes starting from half a pound up to 2 pounds. The LCD display provided on the front panel of the machine enables you to see each stage of the baking process.

  • Its versatility makes this bread machine exceptional. With various settings provided on the system, you can bake the bread of your choice. A recipe book is provided with the machine with the help of which even a novice can bake bread easily.
  • The machine is supposed to be washed by hand only.

West Bend 41410 Hi-Rise Loaf Programmable Breadmaker

West Bend 41410

West Bend has been one of the pioneer makers of electronic products since its advent in 1911. Customers can easily vouch for its brand name and supreme quality. With its all new bread machine, it promises to deliver the same quality like that of its previous machines.


This machine is provided with dual blades to enable dual kneading of the bread, which in turn enables the bread to rise high in less time. It has the feature of power interruption recovery. So, there is no need to reset or restart the system in case of a power failure.

  • A non-stick bread pan is included with package along with other accessories required during baking like measuring cup and spoon. Thus, this set proves to be an all in one package. A recipe booklet is provided with the machine with detailed instructions which makes its use much simpler. This machine also works noiselessly all the time. You would not even know when it has stopped working.
  • After few months of use the paddles start scrapping off the metal and the non-stick coating from the pan making the bread inedible.

Cuisinart bread maker CBK-200 2-Lb

Cuisinart CBK-200

This fully automatic bread machine from Cuisinart would give you a whole new experience of baking fresh bread in the morning without you having to worry about the time to turn it off. Some of latest Features of this best bread machine are mentioned below.


With this pre-programmable bread maker, you can easily choose the different option available for baking to get the perfect crust and color. The convection feature of this bread maker enables the air to circulate, which helps to achieve that perfect crust and crunch.

    • An exclusive feature of this bread maker from Cuisinart is its option for presetting low carbohydrate and gluten free recipes which help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The timer enabled on the bread maker indicates the user to add additional ingredients like fruits and nuts which help you bake without any tension of your bread getting burnt.
  • Users of this product have complained that the bread dough does not rise to the expected levels as described on their website.

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker

Baking to perfection can prove to be a daunting task for everyone. However, with this all new bread maker from Panasonic baking has become much more fun. It easy to use feature has enabled it to achieve a permanent place on the shelves of everyone’s kitchen.


Panasonic bread maker has an automatic yeast dispenser attached to it. Thus, you do not have to worry about adding yeast to your bread at the correct moment. Panasonic machine takes care of the entire baking process of the bread. It has a one button click feature which enables you to bake the bread without much hassle. The bread will rise and settle down on its own. With this feature, you can quickly bake awesome bread on the go.

  • The non-stick pan provided with this machine makes baking easier as well as cleaning very simple. The 4 baking modes provided in the system enable you to bake bread according to your own choice making this the most suitable bread machine for modern families.
  • The manual hardly contains any tips related to troubleshooting of this machine in an emergency situation.

How to use a bread machine?

Since the concept of bread machine is very new in the market, many people may not be aware about its proper working and may have a lot of questions regarding its functionality. This section would clear all your doubts regarding a bread machine.

The quality of the bread heavily depends on the flour quality and type you are using to prepare the dough. The best flour for bread machine is the one which contains sufficient amount of gluten. Protein is also necessary to prepare breads of supreme quality as this is the ingredient which is responsible for making the bread lighter and fluffier. Separate flour, commonly referred to as bread flour, is available in the market which is different from the normal flour as this one contains high amount of protein as compared to others.

The use of bread machines has become popular to make gluten free bread at home as people are becoming health conscious day by day. However, you can also find various options of gluten-free available in the market to cater to the needs of the customers who prefer gluten-free variants. Some of the best gluten free bread available in the market is Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Gluten free bread, Canyon Bake House Bagels and Julian Bakery Paleo Bread. These breads are some of the supreme quality bread which taste good and at the same time are healthy for your body.

Many people complain that the bread baked at home does not taste and looks like the ones from the bakery. For this reason, many house owners use active dry yeast in the dough. This makes the dough rise faster and the resultant bread is much lighter and fuller. Although it is not necessary to use dry yeast in the dough, however it does give a good appearance to bread and many bakers prefer using it as it does not cause any harm for the body. Since yeast works best at cooler temperatures, it is suggested that you store it in cool dry places. The secret ingredient of many bakeries is this active dry yeast.

Another variant of yeast is instant yeast which has much smaller granules as compared to active yeast and hence it dissolves much faster in water. The benefit of using instant yeast is that you can directly add it to the ingredients instantly without having to soak it in water and wait for some time. Thus, the key ingredients to prepare breads just like the ones from the bakery add active dry yeast or instant yeast to your dough. The best bread machine yeast available in the market is Fleischmann’s bread machine yeast, which is the one of the most trusted brands of yeasts.

Stuck with baking because you do not have a recipe book for making bread in a bread machine? Do not worry. Several best bread machine recipes are available online which are explained well for first time bakers. Although baking in bread machine is very simple, however, sometimes people do require the correct measurement to make the perfect bread. The best ones available online would give you the correct proportion to add which would enable you to make the finest bread ever.

If you are buying a bread machine from Cuisinart, then you would get a recipe book free with the machine which consists of some of the best bread machine recipes. The Cuisinart bread maker recipes are famous all over the world because the bread baked using their recipe is one of the finest and tastiest bread you would have ever tasted.

Thus, if you are looking to buy a bread machine soon, these reviews about various bread makers available in the market would prove to be helpful for you to buy the best breadmaker suitable for your daily needs. Before buying this appliance do not forget to take a look at the warranty of the appliance. After buying this amazing machine, you would surely not regret about making this wise investment. So, it is definitely something to consider.