How to make great Belgian waffles?

Everyone loves to eat light and crispy waffles.  A good waffle should be buttery and fluffy with crispy interiors and crunchy exteriors. The finest maple syrup is important to make your waffles taste good. The coveted airy crunch is made due to the whipping of egg whites and adding all the ingredients in proper proportion.

You can make buttery, crispy and ever-so-light waffles dipped in the maple syrup at home. Pancake batter can also be used to make great waffles. Though pancakes are a bit different from waffles, but they can be considered as cousins.

Great Belgian waffles

Here is a list of some of the key points to make great waffles at home. They are given as follows –

An Extra Dash of Sugar

Waffles are a bit sweeter than pancakes. Though both the batter needs sugar, but extra sugar will help to make the flavor of the waffles heavenly. A caramelized interior is increased with the help of extra sugar. It also helps to make waffles crispy and tasty.

The Double Acting Power of Whipping Egg White

Two things are provided by whipped egg white. First, a crisp exterior is provided by them to the waffle. Second, a coveted fluffy layer with lovely air pockets is also created with the help of the air beaten in from whipping egg whites. You should whip the egg whites until the batter reaches soft-peak stage. Fold these whipped egg whites into the batter to hold maximum air.

A Hot Waffle Prevents Soggy Waffle

Making of waffle is considered as a type of baking. You have to pour the batter into the hot iron waffle maker to make it. It rises up and gets a brownish texture once it is cooked properly. Making of waffles is called waffling. It is actually a baking cum frying process that is incorporated in waffle making.

To cook the waffles, you must preheat the iron. A preheated iron makes sure to give the waffle a crispy coating as soon as it is poured onto the surface. Soggy waffles can be prevented with the help of a pre-heated waffle iron.

Customize Your Waffle

You can add dried fruits, chopped nuts, crumbled candy, cooked bacon or chocolate chips in the waffle batter to make the waffles much tastier. These ingredients are considered as great add-ins for waffles. After pouring the waffle batter on the waffle iron, a few nuggets can be sprinkled on it. Then cook the batter properly to give it a brownish texture. Moisture can be added to the batter, if you add real fruits or vegetables into it. Adding fruit or whole berry with a skin will be the best choice, as they do not make the batter mushy.

Shred cheese, chop your favorite herbs, leave out vanilla and add double salt if you want to have a great flavor of waffles. Do always remember to dip the waffles into the maple syrup to give it a great taste.

Thus, following the above tips you can make golden, crispy and fluffy waffle at your home. It can be a great dish for a weekend brunch or breakfast.