delonghi esam3300Is the delonghi esam3300 worth the money that you have to pay in order to own it? This product is of course an espresso and coffee machine and clearly there are a number of machines similar to this one out there on the market, so in order to decide if it is worth the money it is best to look at what it can do in order to determine if it represents value for money.

First you should know that it is able to make every kind of coffee drink that you can imagine and it has its own special system that grinds the beans at the right time in order to add more flavor to that drink. It also has a reheat function that means the machine is kept at the right temperature even if there is some time between your cups of coffee and it does mean that it produces a far superior cup of Hiline coffee than many other machines.

When it comes to working it, then the controls on the front of the machine are easy to operate and it does allow you to easily adjust between strengths of coffee depending upon personal tastes and its cappuccino system actually rotates to allow you to add any size of milk container without running into problems. The cup section can also be adjusted to make it suitable for anything from the small espresso mug right up to a mug suitable for a large coffee and this just adds to the adaptability of the machine and shows that delonghi have really thought of everything in its design.

Other things you should know about in advance is that it has a 7 ounce bean holder and a 60 ounce water container and even after use you can just employ one of its decalcification programs in order to help keep the machine spotless and then clean the base by simply removing the drip tray with this only taking minutes to do. The machine is also a perfect size for the kitchen as it only measures 17 by 13 by 18 inches and you do of course get a one year warranty when you buy it.

So what are the main positives and negatives? The positives have to be the quality of the coffee it makes along with how easy it is to use it because they could have so easily made the machine complicated thanks to how much it is capable of doing. The only negatives with this machine is that the grinder is slightly noisy, but then this is common on virtually every machine, and it may just take you a couple of attempts to get used to the decalcification program and what to do with it, but apart from that any other negative is really just for the sake of finding some.

In short, if you are wanting to get a quality espresso machine that is well made, easy to use, and makes some fantastic coffee, then this is certainly one that should be on your shopping list. There may be cheaper models out there, but if you are a coffee lover, then it is worth going that extra step as you will taste the difference every single time you go ahead and make a cup.