hamilton beach brewstation 47454The Hamilton Beach brewstation 47454 is just one of many coffee machines currently for sale and it makes perfect sense to check it out in a bit more detail in order to determine if this is a machine that is worth buying. This particular machine is capable of producing up to 12 cups of coffee, but apart from being able to deliver more than enough caffeine for you to drink what else should you know about it?

The way in which this machine works is slightly different in that it actually brews the coffee into a thermal tank and you then dispense it a cup at a time whenever you need it. This dispensing motion is very easy to do and indeed it can be done by using only one hand and you should also know that it has four different brewing cycles in order to give you the best possible cup of coffee.

One thing that you will undoubtedly notice when you check out the machine is that it comes with a large digital display on the front and this is actually its digital clock and timer. What you can then do with this is to actually set the machine in advance so it can produce what you may like to call wake up coffee and it will then shut down all on its own with you not having to do anything at all. This part of the machine is certainly very easy to use and you will master it in next to no time at all.

Finally, it comes complete with water filters and the machine itself is quite compact as it only measures 4-1/2 by 8-3/4 by 10-3/4 inches and this means it can sit quite comfortably on your countertop without any problems. This does all sound rather good, but clearly you will want to know what the machine is like to live with and to do this it is always best to try to check out what could be seen as its major positives along with any negatives and then come to some kind of a conclusion.

Perhaps the main positive has to be the quality of the coffee it produces as this does often surprise people when they first try it out. The machine is very easy to use and it does also look very cool and will be perfect in a modern kitchen where gadgets are the norm. You will also find that it is very easy to assemble, and then strip down in order to clean it, and there are also clear instructions to help you out should you get stuck, so overall the experience is certainly a good one when you have a go at this machine.

There are just a couple of negatives and the main one is the lack of a light in the reservoir and this does make it very hard to see when it is filled especially if you are just in the process of waking up. There is also the problem of you being unable to take the reservoir off and serve it to people at a table as there is no pot so to speak, but you can of course just serve coffee by the cup to get around it.

Overall, this machine is certainly one that is well worth purchasing because it does make fantastic coffee and is certainly not very difficult to use. Maintenance is also not a problem and as long as you keep it clean it should last you for quite some time and give you many memorable cups of coffee first thing in the morning.